Chelsea Clinton, Serena Williams, and Carla Hall. These are just a few of the women featured at #BlogHer17. More than 2,000 people from across the country participated in the event that was geared toward social media influencers. A majority of those who attended were women. We sent our PR/social media team to #BlogHer17 to be inspired and learn new things at this innovative convention.

Katie’s Top 3

  1. Video reigns as king (or queen) on social media. One blogger claims, “If your blog doesn’t feature videos, it will be invisible in two years.” “Live video is even better,” explained Nate Engels of He said Facebook Live videos get three times as much reach as regular videos. But Ms. Candy Blog warned that before you go live, make sure you have a focus for why you want to do it. The brightly dressed blogger added that the “longer you go live, the more people you’ll have watching your video.” She said it’s also important for social media influencers to be consistent with the timing of their live videos.
  2. “Women can be friends and competitors,” according to Serena Williams. During her session at BLOGHER17, Serena said, “It’s OK to love, be friendly, and be competitive at the same time.” She also encouraged women not to be afraid of pursuing their full potential. “I’m strong and I’m proud of it. People shouldn’t be afraid to be better,” she said.
  3. “Find your tribe,” stated Gabby Reece. The well-known volleyball star said it’s important to surround yourself with a group of supportive women. While speaking to the audience at the Hilton Orlando Bonnet Creek, she said, “Don’t act like men. Just be really powerful women.” She added that women still have a major hurdle to overcome, thanks to social media. “We have come so far, but have never been so objectified as we are now.” She concluded by saying that women shouldn’t feel sorry for themselves. “Don’t say, ‘It’s not fair.’ Say, ‘This doesn’t feel good and I want to do something about it.’ ”

Amanda’s Top 3

  1. Everyone can be an activist. Activist and actor Maria Bello believes you do your best by doing the thing you love. When Bello thought that she was going to quit activism, Equality Now’s Yasmeen Hassan reminded Bello that just because she wasn’t traveling to war-torn countries anymore, didn’t mean she was no longer an activist. The documentaries that Bello creates make her an activist in the fight against sex trafficking and violence against women. You can find your sphere of activism no matter what you do. Find a cause that makes you tick and incorporate it into what you do best.
  2. You can take great food photos on your phone – it just takes some planning and practice. When you look back at the first food photos you’ve ever taken, you should think they look awful. That just shows you how much you’ve grown from the beginning. Lighting is key. If you’re photographing food in your home, and you want to use natural light, spend a day going from window to window to find the best lighting and time of day for your photos. Embrace photo editing apps on your phone. Some of the session’s favorites were Instaflash, A Color Story, Snapseed, and VSCO.
  3. Know your worth. Be true to yourself and your brand. Don’t settle for subpar relationships – personal or professional. Be confident and remember that you are important and amazing and fabulous and smart, and as Margaret Cho said, “Embrace who you are and your unique beauty now.”

Sally’s Top 3

  1. Women inspiring women. I’m all about girl power, so I was thrilled to attend the 13th annual #BlogHer17 Conference in Orlando, Florida. Part women’s movement, part creative meet-up, it was an open forum to meet and be inspired by some of the nation’s most provocative minds. For three days, I was a human sponge soaking up invaluable advice from modern female pioneers like Emmy Award-winning film director and producer Amy Ziering, comedian and activist Margaret Cho, “Iron Chef” Cat Cora, tennis star Serena Williams, and many others.
  2. Believe in yourself and the power of your brand. One of my favorite seminars, “5 Strategies to Unleash the Power of Your Personal Brand,” featuring speaker Dorothea Bozicolona-Volpe, championed the idea that each of us are the most influential individuals in our lives. Knowing who we are and what inspires and fascinates us are the keys that unlock our personal brand. It also turns out that when you know who you are, your followers will come to you organically. Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  3. Swag your way into our hearts. Besides the Instagram Challenges, brand connections, and conversations with many of the Internet’s top influencers, #BlogHer17 also provided attendees with a staggering amount of swag. My personal favorites included metallic silver sunglasses from Day Owl Wines, a Princess Cruises “I Need Vitamin Sea” tote bag, a Pet House soy candle from One Fur All, and an adorable pink Medieval Times beer koozie that put the fun in functional. If anyone needs a colorful manicure or pedicure kit courtesy of WordPress, they need only ask.

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