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Memorial Day – Venue Insider

In honor of Memorial Day on Monday, May 29, a day that recognizes the bravery and heroism of those who made the ultimate sacrifice for America, we pay homage to those lives lost.

Memorial Day also marks the kickoff of summer, which means a long weekend of pool parties, retail therapy, and frolicking with family and friends. Venue staffers reflect on their favorite, three-day holiday, and how they will celebrate Memorial Day.

Memoria Day image of U.S. soldier at cemetery pay respects

My paternal grandfather was a veteran in the United States Navy. He’s always in my thoughts, especially on Memorial Day.

Michael Albanese

We recently completed a major home renovation, so I’m looking forward to some much-needed rest and relaxation with friends and family at my No. 1 happy place.

Laura Coffey

We have a lot of family who serve in the military, and have taught our kids to respect those in the armed forces and never take their freedom for granted. Recently, I felt honored when my cousin, a loadmaster crewman in the Air Force, asked me to design a military patch for his C-130J crew who were being deployed for duty in Afghanistan.

Cameron Crotts

Peace and love is my motto, and I respect the brave men and women who keep our country safe. This year, you will find me quietly celebrating with family, friends, and fine wine.

Tamra FitzGerald

After being in broadcast news for several years, I’m thankful to have the holiday off. The annual Memorial Day ceremony at the South Florida National Cemetery is special. It’s beautiful to see hundreds of American flags spread across the cemetery.

Katie Johnson
Image of dogs and cats

This year, I am volunteering at a local animal rescue shelter. I love giving back and supporting the community whenever possible. Besides, who doesn’t like being surrounded by adorable puppies and kittens all day long?

Amanda Kahan

Memorial Day for me is a mix of serious reflection and lighthearted fun.  I always take a moment to say a little prayer in honor of our fallen soldiers and the freedom they fought for. But it is also a three-day weekend of fun! I like to spend mine boating, eating, and cocktailing with friends and family. It’s the togetherness that counts.

Anna Ramer

Every holiday always promises a lot of good eats and drinks. My family and I love the yummy, red, white, and blue donuts from Jupiter Donuts (get there early!), and no holiday celebration is complete without symbolic sips, like The Patriot at Boston’s on the Beach.

Sally Shorr

Happy Memorial Day!

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